Good morning – my name is Arabesque Douglas, and I’m a beginner eclectic witch. I started this blog mainly as there are pretty much no witches in my area that I know of. I’m from Middlesbrough in England, and know of nobody in my area with similar beliefs to me, so this will hopefully be a way to connect as well as inform and share experiences.

It will be a mix between a pagan information site, a book of shadows and a book of mirrors. There will be something for everyone, so if you’re into crystals, there will be lots about that, or if bones are your thing, there will no doubt be information on that aspect too.

Being a rather experimental eclectic witch, I have quite a variety of areas I work with, just some being working with candles, herbs, different foods, colours, music, and meditation, not to mention activities such as spirit and other communication, reading tarot cards and a pendulum.

I love animals, but in no way condemn witches and pagans for using them or parts of their body in their witchcraft. I myself collect feathers and bones where I can. As long as causing unnecessary harm is avoided, I will likely post about such collections and contributions to the craft as often as more common collections, such as herb gardens, sigils or crystals and gemstones.

That’s me for now  (it’s 3:52 whaaaat)


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